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Do you have questions about banking accounts?

Do you understand how credit cards and credit scores affect your wealth?

Just getting started or starting over with managing the household funds?

“Financial Talk” you hear from your friends and family confusing?

Can you read your insurance policies and understand what is covered?

Do insurance terms seem complicated and confusing?

Are you budgeting, but still cannot get ahead?

Are you thinking of buying a house and don't know where to begin?

What do you need to retire, send kids to college, or live comfortably?

All these questions and no REAL answers!

Now it is time to get the essentials, so you can investigate more and know the questions to ask of the professionals you seek services from.

Register for the “Financial Essentials” webinar!!!

Five (5) Mondays @ 5:15pm CT / 6:15pm ET

Use Code EARLYBIRD for $10 off through 6/21/21

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